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Across the country, people begin committing wanton acts of violence. Children begin trying to kill one another. An underpaid secretary karate kicks her employer. A traveling salesman tries to run down an innocent couple.

In the Florida Everglades, Joshua Kale and his grandchildren Jennifer and Andy watch news reports detailing the strange outbreaks of violence. Kale realizes that these seemingly unrelated incidents are in connection with the takeover of human minds and souls by demons of the underworld. He decides to assemble his cult. The cult meets in the swamp and Kale prepares a ritual that he hopes will block the demons' entry to the Earth realm. Jennifer and Andy sit nearby and watch the spectacle. The Man-Thing is likewise nearby and shambles close to them. Suddenly, Jennifer Kale and the Man-Thing disappear and re-appear in chains in an other-worldly dimension. They meet Dakimh the Enchanter who explains to them that he used the Mists of Maalock to transport them to the realm of Sandt. He needs to recover the Tome of Zhered-Na, a mystical artifact that was once in the possession of Joshua Kale. Dakimh is aware of the pending demonic invasion of Earth and tells Jennifer that the Man-Thing is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities. He alone can prevent the doorways between worlds from being opened - providing he can survive a trial by combat.

Dakimh transports Jennifer and the Man-Thing to a gladiatorial arena. The Man-Thing is ushered into the centre of the arena where he is forced to fight a barbarian named Mongu. Mongu's battle-axe is ineffective against the Man-Thing, and the swamp monster fights back with his burning touch, winning the fight. As per a pre-arranged promise, Dakimh returns Jennifer and the Man-Thing to Earth. Jennifer reunites with her father who is grateful to see her, but warns that the final battle against the forces of evil is yet to come.



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