AVENGERS - #187 (1979 - CONDITION VF-)

AVENGERS - #187 (1979 - CONDITION VF-)

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"The Call of the Mountain Thing!" Part 3 of 3. Plot by Mark Gruenwald and Steven Grant. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by John Byrne. Inks by Dan Green. Cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

One of the classic Avengers issues of the bronze age!

Chthon has possessed the Scarlet Witch! And now Wanda is wreaking havoc across Central Europe! Six avengers are on the way to help Quicksilver, but the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and the Vision are not among them! Does this group of avengers have the raw power to defeat Modred the Mystic and Chthon? After the Falcon, Wasp, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, and Cap fall to the elder demon; the end of the world appears close at hand! But the resourceful Hank McCoy finds a piece of Wundagore Mountain's history. And in stunning fashion, one of the knights of Wundagore rides again! Will the Beast lead the charge to an inspiring victory? Or will Chthon's master plan succeed?



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