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Batman and Robin head far out to sea in the Batplane to pursue pirate Blackjack's submarine. A storm rises, buffets the Bat-Plane, and causes its engine to conk out. They land on the plane's pontoons and drift for a day. Finally, on the horizon, they sight a legendary scene: the Sargasso Sea, a morass of seaweed entangling over a score of ships from ancient times, with a cloud of mist hanging heavy over it. Drifting in closer, Batman and Robin are bade welcome by an English ex-pirate, Jolly Roger, and his cohorts Erik of Norway and Flavius of Rome. They explain that strange mists from the seaweed keep them alive and unaging, and even their clothes do not wear out. In their Sargasso colony, all wars and hatreds have been forgotten, and they live in peace. That is, until Blackjack and his men clamber over the side of Roger's ship. The pirate, whose sub was also storm-damaged, enters a losing battle against Batman and Robin, until a machine-gunner on the sub forces them to desist upon pain of killing the ancient seamen.

When Blackjack offers Jolly Roger a chance to join his crew, the old pirate turns him down flatly, having mended his ways. Blackjack nevertheless takes charge, and locks Batman and Robin below. the two heroes escape through a porthole, organize a secret council among Jolly Roger and his men, and help the Sargasso sailors bombard the sub with cannon shot. The submarine retaliates, and the sailors on the wooden ship are soon in danger. But, Batman and Robin clamber over to the surfaced sub and attack the crew, and, with the sub's guns silenced, the ancient sailors board the submarine as well, and take its crew prisoner. Roger says that he will keep the modern pirates with them so time can cure their evil. Batman and Robin repair the Batplane's motor, cut away the seaweed from the undercarriage, and, fashioning a wooden airstrip from one of the ship's timbers, take off for the modern world, keeping the Sargasso colony their secret.



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