BATMAN - #244 (1972 - CONDITION FN+)
BATMAN - #244 (1972 - CONDITION FN+)

BATMAN - #244 (1972 - CONDITION FN+)

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Quote1 You are proud, Detective! You do not plead for aid... nor would I give it! The desert is the shaper of my destiny... and it has decreed me victor! Farewell, greatest of enemies! Quote2

-- RA'S al GHUL

• "The Demon Lives Again!" – (15 1/2-page story, continued from previous issue) – With two of his team injured, the Batman tracks down Ra’s Al Ghul in the desert for a fight to the finish. 

• "Teen-Age Trap!" – (8-page story) – Robin helps give a disadvantaged and hostile inner-city kid a hand. 


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