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Cover pencils by Marie Severin, inks by Frank Giacoia.

Using the Cosmic Cube, the Red Skull switches bodies with Captain America in "Now Begins the Nightmare!", script by Stan Lee, pencils by John Buscema, inks by Sal Buscema (Panels 3 and 4 of page 12 retouched by John Romita Sr.).

With the Cosmic Cube in his possession, the Red Skull confronts Captain America; Back at SHIELD headquarters, Rick Jones searches for Captain America and asks Sharon Carter if she has seen him; Although she is testing a new SHIELD weapon, Sharon tells Rick that he hasn't seen Captain America since she rejected his request that she leave SHIELD; Rick contacts his old gang of Ham radio enthusiasts, the Teen Brigade, and asks them all to out for Captain America and report back if they see him; Meanwhile, the Red Skull continues using the Cosmic Cube in ways to drive Captain America insane, hurtling him from this realm to different worlds and shrinking him down in size.




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