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The story opens with the Man-Wolf who falls into the path of a speeding train. He avoids the train, hops back on, slips in to the train and starts sleeping, exhausted. When the train crosses a bridge explosives are detonated. The train crashes to its doom killing two men aboard. The Man-Wolf barely escapes with his life by jumping out. He then wanders into the forest and collapses from exhaustion and is awakened the next morning by Joel Stevens and Mary.

John remembers how Kraven recently abused him, and how he was rescued by Simon Stroud who brought him to his house for a change of clothes. John uses the opportunity to escape from Shroud. End of flashback.

Joel and Mary bring John to their home by the lake and give him a change of clothes. John thinks about his werewolf curse and heads to Tallulah Gorge on a motorcycle. At the gorge John is shot at by a man with a rifle. John escapes, transforms into the werewolf and jumps at the shooter. Though now there others who join in and subdue him, not realizing John and the werewolf are the same. He is brought into an underground cave where he is shown the illegal and financially rewarding activities that go on there. The leader then casually kills one of his own. Man-Wolf reacts by busting free but is brought down and knocked unconscious. He is thrown into a room, and transforms the next morning back into John and is awakened by the criminals who recognize him as the escaped biker.

Hours before and many miles away, Stroud confronts an angry Jonah about his AWOL son. They squabble.

About to be killed by his captors, at the last second Joel saves John, giving him time to escape from the gorge. John rides away on Joel's bike not seeing that the villainous criminal leader got out of the gorge from an alternative route and shot Joel dead. The criminal chases John in Joel's van while the newly risen moon changes him again to the savage Man-Wolf.



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