DAREDEVIL - #29 “UNMASKED!” (1967 - VF+)

DAREDEVIL - #29 “UNMASKED!” (1967 - VF+)

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Deciding to tell Karen that he's really Daredevil, Matt's plans get thrown out of whack when the Nelson & Murdock law office is attacked by the Masked Marauder's gang who beat up Foggy and kidnap Karen to get revenge on Daredevil for their master's arrest, to draw out Daredevil who they suspect might be Matt Murdock.

Learning of Karen's kidnapping, Matt goes to the location where Karen is being held hostage and pretends to be a blind Matt Murdock pretending to be Daredevil coming to misguidedly save Karen. Getting captured as part of his plan, Daredevil frees himself when his captors are not looking and easily defeats them. After Karen is freed and Daredevil turns in the crooks, Matt (back in his civilian identity) decides not to tell Karen his true secret fearing the danger it may bring her someday.



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