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A heated debate over Gotham Village has begun. While anti-crime groups want the area of Gotham City destroyed and rebuilt, there are those who are asking for conservation of the location as a historical landmark, because its destruction would lead to many becoming homeless and many businesses going under.

As part of the committee, Bruce Wayne and his ward Dick Grayson decide to take a walk through Gotham Village where they are confronted by Linda Greene, who asks Wayne to help preserve Gotham Village. She tells how she and her fiancé James Packer grew up there and will be married. She also explains that she is worried because James has been away from home at odd hours and she found a map. When seeing a circled x Batman and Robin recall an earlier evening when they were doused with an isotope that put the same mark on their foreheads. Learning what kind of isotope it was and who in Gotham last ordered it they followed their lead to criminal Frank Fenton who flaunts stolen goods in their faces. Batman and Robin are unable to stop Fenton because the isotope they were exposed too allows Fenton to paralyze them until he can make his escape.

Finishing their recollection Linda spots her fiancé, and Bruce and Dick offer to speak to him on her behalf, but instead change to Batman and Robin to pursue him. They end up finding a secret tunnel way to the criminal organization which runs in the Gotham Village area. When Fenton tries to paralyze them again, he soon finds it doesn't work and Batman and Robin manage to round up the whole crowd.

When the police arrive, Batman notices the ring leader is wearing a fake mask and removes it to reveal that he is Roland Meacham, the head of the preservation committee of Gotham Village. When asked how they managed to counteract the effect of the isotope Batman then reveals that they used lead shielding in order to block the commands from Fenton and were able to stop all the crooks.

Later, back in their civilian guises Bruce and Dick see that Linda and James have patched things up and bring them news that the committee had decided to preserve Gotham Village after all.



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