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While out for dinner with his fiancée Kristine, John Jameson spots Spider-Man swinging through the city. The sight prompts memories of the time where Spider-Man helped cure him of becoming the Man-Wolf. After their dinner, he puts Kristine in a cab and sends her home. John is suddenly struck with a headache like when he was bonded to the Moon-Stone and fears the worse. While elsewhere, Spider-Man captures some jewel thieves taking pictures for the Bugle. Taking them to Joe Robertson, Joe shows him reports about vampire-like attacks across the eastern seaboard and a photo of his old foe Morbius the living vampire, apparently alive and well after all this time. J. Jonah Jameson enters and treats Peter with praise. This difference in attitude puzzles Peter, when Joe tells him that Peter has been nominated for photographer of the year.

Meanwhile, John Jameson stumbles into a diner, where he suddenly transforms into the Man-Wolf and attacks the waitress working there. The Man-Wolf then follows the urge to go to a nearby warehouse, there the creature is attacked by Morbius, who gets the better of the beast and manages to bite the creature. With the creature drained of enough blood to knock it out, Morbius replaces the Moon-Stone around the creature's neck. His bite putting the creature under his control, Morbius hopes to use the beast for his own ends.

By day, Peter Parker goes to school, where he arranges an outing with Mary Jane and Flash Thompson. That night, John Jameson revives and is told by Morbius that he is going to be used as a pawn to save the living vampire's life by aiding in providing a cure. When Jameson turns into the Man-Wolf at dusk, the beast is fully under the control of Morbius, and the two head towards the ESU campus. There they are spotted by Peter Parker who is heading home after classes. Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and attacks the two.

The Man-Wolf takes up most of Spider-Man's attention, allowing for Morbius to make an escape. After a battle across the campus against the Man-Wolf, Spider-Man traps up the beast in a spider-web trap between two trees. He then goes after Morbius, deducing that he's possibly going to visit hemotological researcher Dr. Harold when he learns that the doctor is working on an experimental cure for leukemia. Spider-Man departs when Morbius fails to show up. He goes back to check on the Man-Wolf and finds that the beast got free and has fled the scene.

Spider-Man then returns to the lab where he waits out for Morbius. When Morbius arrives, he and Dr. Harold have worked on a way of tricking Morbius. When the two begin fighting, Harold "warns" them against wrecking the equipment as its destruction would destroy his research. Sure enough, the battle does just that, and realizing what has happened, the furious Morbius flees vowing to get revenge against the wall-crawler. Spider-Man departs soon after, convincing Harold that Morbius was convinced of their trick and won't be a bother in the future.

Spider-Man then pays a visit to J. Jonah Jameson's home, where he warns Jameson that he believes that his son John is becoming the Man-Wolf again. Jameson denies this, telling the wall-crawler that his son had been home all night and tells the wall-crawler to go away. Spider-Man leaves, hoping that Jameson is telling the truth. Jameson checks on his son, who has passed out following his night out as the Man-Wolf, and Jameson wonders what he will do for his son. The next day, Peter learns that he hasn't won photographer of the year, but takes it in stride.



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