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1st appearance of Micronauts (Team)
1st appearance of Bug

The Micronauts first adventure begins with the escape of Prince Argon of and his sister Mari. Children of the royal family of Homeworld, they saw their parents slain by their own citizens, led in insurrection by their former chief scientist, the Baron Karza. With some guards still faithful, they are pursued by the Dog soldiers of Baron Karza and the acroyear warriors of his allied, prince Shaitan. They find a place to hide and Argon shows to his little sister that he has summoned the Enigma force in order to help them. Unfortunately, their hiding-place is found and Argon is shot. Still alive, he is taking to the body-bank of Karza.

Some time after, the first space traveler, Commander Arcturus Rann, land in Homeworld after 1000 years in suspended animation. He was surprised by the Dog soldiers and, after being shot, he wakes up in a cell. In it, he meets Prince Acroyear and the master thief, Bug of Kaliklak. They explained to him what, during his travel, faster-than-light space travel was discovered and so, his 1000 years travel was useless. He also discovers that his professor, 1000 years ago, is the new ruler of his planet, the Baron Karza. Soon after, the three heroes were led in the huge arena, under the sight of Karza. A beautiful blond girl plays as a marionette in the place. It's the Princess Mari, become member of the Homeworld underground and already allied of Acroyear and Bug.

The battle begins between the Micronauts and a Deathtank, a giant and dreadful robot. Thanks to the strength of Acroyear and to the hidden weapon of Bug , they destroy the tank meanwhile some bombs, put by the underground, exploded in the stands. Besides, the strange apparition called Enigma force shows him a second time, saying to Rann it's time to run. Commander Rann, Mari (now called as Marionette), Acroyear and bug escape from the arena. After joining his space ship (and the robot Biotron), Rann decide to go through the limit of the microverse, preventing his new companions from being killed.

The Micronauts were born. 



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