MS. MARVEL - #11 (1977 - FN)

MS. MARVEL - #11 (1977 - FN)

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After breaking up a gang of thieves, Ms. Marvel returns to her hotel room, where she changes back into Carol Danvers and returns to work at the Daily Bugle. There, after a few moments where she loses her temper, she learns that she is to go and report at Cape Canaveral to report on a space mission involving her old friend Salia Petrie.

Meanwhile, not far from the Cape, Zephyr, Miles Olddan, and Richard Harper are all attacked by some elemental forces. While back at the Cape, Carol waits for the rocket launch when she has another premonition – this time she sees Salia's rocket exploding and her being trapped in space. However, before she can do anything, Carol is compelled to change into Ms. Marvel and go to the location where Zephyr, Olddan and Harper are located.

There she finds three Olympian-style soldiers fashioned out of the very sand, and with some quick thinking manages to defeat them. However she is blasted from behind. Recovering, she finds that her foes are Hecate and the Elementals. This story is continued next issue...



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