SUICIDE SQUAD - #1 (1987 - VF-)
SUICIDE SQUAD - #1 (1987 - VF-)

SUICIDE SQUAD - #1 (1987 - VF-)

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Quote1 The administration needs something they can disavow if things go wrong. That's us. Quote2


Synopsis for "Trial by Blood"
Jihad, a Quraci terrorist group composed of super-villains, participate in a live-training exercise in which they decimate a mock-airport - all of the visitors, security officers and etc. are played by hired actors, criminals, and dissidents seen in the eyes of Qurac's President Marlo in which many of them are all killed. The demonstration is to sell Jihad's services.

At Belle Reve Federal Prison, the prison warden John Economos gives Gothamite reporter Vicki Vale a tour of the facility. The warden explains to Vale that Belle Reve is only one of the few facilities that deals with convicted or accused super-powered beings. Economos then shows Vale the recently imprisoned Parasite being kept unconscious and fed enough to keep him alive but not enough for him to get active: no humans are allowed in the cell, and a rat place inside a cage is mechanically shoved in to have its life force leach by Parasite. Although Vale find this barbaric, Economos sees this as necessary as the Parasite is too dangerous to set loose.

By the time the tour is over, Vale leaves the prison. It then turns out that the entire tour was a smokescreen to keep Belle Reve's secret as a headquarters for Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. Waller confers with staff psychologists, Dr. Simon LaGrieve and Marnie Herrs, in which they discuss the different Suicide Squad team members and their psychological profiles. LaGrieve voices his concerns of the Squad members being questionably fit for duty, but Waller asserts her authority and makes the decision to proceed anyway.

Waller debrief to the Squad about Jihad, their members, their sponsors President Marlo and the international terrorist only known as Mushtaq. The Squad's mission is to destroy Jihad and cripple Qurac's ability to re-form it. Their next move is to infiltrate Jotunheim, the impregnable mountainous base of the Jihad. The Squad later board the SS-1, a transport plane that once served the original Suicide Squad. Rick Flag is very surprise to find out Karin Grace is volunteering to be in charge for the Squad's emergency and combat medical operations.




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