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Lois Lane is taken by Superman to his Fortress of Solitude in order for Lois to take pictures for the Daily Planet. There she snaps photos of Superman fighting a creature in his Interplanetary Zoo to get some exercise, and sees other interesting creatures. She is temporarily turned into glass by a strange gem and shown around some more. Later in Superman's observatory, Superman cautions Lois not to look into his telescope because the stellar rays are harmful to anyone but him. He explains that the rays would make anyone disintegrate if they came into contact with direct sunlight. To punctuate this, a Venusian butterfly flies into the path of the beams and then past a skylight and disintegrates.

Wanting to prove that she'll be safe living in the Fortress of Solitude if they were to be married, Lois looks through the telescope forcing Superman to have to keep her in the Fortress for the next three days until the star-rays wear off. Left alone in the Fortress, Lois spends the night in a room fashioned with Kryptonian household items. When the anti-gravity bed she is sleeping on suddenly goes wild, Lois crashes into the Superman Robot that is guarding the Fortress, and it suddenly starts spanking her.

The next day Superman warns her that it should get cold outside but the indoor heaters should keep her warm. However, they fail and Lois first tries to keep warm with a yellow coat, however it angers one of the alien creatures that roam the Fortress, and she is forced to abandon it and tough out the cold. Warmed up, Lois decides to snoop around the Fortress and finds a closet full of Christmas gifts for all of Superman's friends. Each box lists only the initials on the box and Lois snooping in the two marked "L.L." she finds two different autographed photos. The first simply signed to "a friend" and the other "the only girl who knows my secret identity", which leaves Lois to wonder which photo is going to her and which one to Lana Lang.

Lastly, while reading a book on Kryptonian plant people, Lois is horrified to find that she is turning into a plant. Superman rushes in and reveals that it's really the illusion jewel that is making it look like that. With the three days up, Superman offers to take her home but also offers to let her stay longer. Lois has been so shaken by the experience she asks Superman to bring her back to Metropolis. Along the way home, Superman muses to himself how he learned of Lois' plot after reading her diary with his x-ray vision and orchestrated all the events in order to dissuade her from wanting to stay at the Fortress. Back in Metropolis, Lois confides to Clark Kent about the personalized photographs she found and begins to wrack her brain trying to figure out who they are for. This gives Clark another laugh, as he muses that the signed photo is for neither Lois or Lana, but Linda Lee, who is secretly his cousin Supergirl.



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