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Having arrived back at their hideout, the Living Mummy and the others find that it's been abandoned by Professor Skarab and Janice. Their departure leads the Living Mummy to recollect back to when he returned to his tribe -- hundreds of years ago -- only to find that they were being herded on board an Egyptian slave ship, and how he failed to stop them from taking them all away (himself included).

Upon closer inspection, Asp finds a note from Skarab telling the others that they had gone to the local hospital to see if the radiology department would have a device which could activate the power of the Scarlet Scarab. Zephyr and the Living Mummy decide to go and track down Skarab while the others stay behind. While at the hospital, Skarab fails at trying to activate the Scarlet Scarab's power with radiation.

However, this time when he makes contact with it, he's visited by the spirit of his ancestor Nephrus, who tells Skarab how to utilize the power of the Scarab. The experience knocks Skarab out just as the Mummy and Zephyr arrive. While elsewhere, Asp, Olddan and Ron decide to go out looking for Zephyr and the Mummy and are confronted by a legion of followers of the Elementals.

Back at the hospital, Skarab awakens and tells them that to unleash the power of the Scarab one has to let it influence the user instead of the other way around and now has the key to fighting the Elementals. Before they can leave, they are attacked by more of the Elemental's followers, however the Mummy tosses them out the window. Exiting the hospital they are confronted by the Elementals who have come to destroy them once and for all.



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