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The Elementals have come to eliminate the Living Mummy and his allies once and for all and take the Scarlet Scarab into their possession. However, Professor Skarab has learned how to utilize the power of the Scarab and fires a mystical blast at the Elementals. It staggers their foes, however it appears as though the Scarab has lost it's power once more.

Zephyr and the Living Mummy help the others fight off attacks by the remaining Elementals. Skarab once more is able to access the power of the Scarlet Scarab, and it's power transports the entire city of Cairo into another dimension, however that's all it seems to do.

Reunited by Asp, Olddan, and Ron, they continue their offensive against the Elementals when N'Kantu realizes that the power of the Scarab is in the very air and that anyone can use it. Realizing they are now fighting the Elementals on even ground, the group uses the magic around them as an attack against the Elementals. However, they do not manage to defeat the Elementals until they realize that they have to channel the power all together as a group to succeed in forcing the Elementals out into the dimensional void outside the city.

With the Elementals defeated, Cairo is returned to Earth, and the dome over the city disappears. With the crisis over, Skarab locks away the Scarlet Scarab, believing it to have no power left. After bidding Asp, Olddan and Zephyr farewell, he is stunned to find that they have stolen back the Scarab.



- Additional pictures available upon request, please email with comic specific request.

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