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Two Israeli soldiers, Avram and Davida, sit under the Egyptian desert moon on the Gaza Strip contemplating their war-ravaged kingdom. Avram hears a noise from behind him, but when he turns around he sees the visage of a powerful living mummy. Both soldiers open fire, but the bullets bounce harmlessly off the creature. It smacks Avram down with his hand, but falters as Davida stares horrified before him. The mummy stops, turns around and walks away.

Meanwhile at the Cairo museum, archaelogist Alexi Skarab researches some Ancient Egyptian texts. His assistants, Janice Carr and Ron McAllister enter the room and Alexi tells them about the era of the pharaoh Aram-Set.

Pharaoh Aram-Set enslaved the African tribe known as the Swarilis and forced them to build a glorious temple in his name. The king of the Swarilis was a tall, strong-bodied man named N'Kantu. Though his people labored on behalf of the Pharaoh, N'Kantu quietly inspired his people to rebel against their masters. The Pharaoh's vizier, Nephrus, learned of the plot and warned his master. Aram-Set decided to have all of the slaves executed after his monument was completed. On the evening when the deed was to take place, N'Kantu incited his rebellion. Hurling his spear, he dealt a fatal blow to the Pharaoh.
Nephrus; however, captured N'Kantu and had him imprisoned. He infected him with a special serum that made him effectively immortal. Then he had him wrapped in burial linens and entombed, citing that he would live forever as an immobile mummy.

Doctor Skarab concludes his tale and tells Janice and Ron that he knows the history of Nephrus because he is a direct descendant of the cruel vizier.

Ironically, moments after Skarab tells the others the tale, the mummy of N'Kantu begins terrorizing the streets of Cairo. The creature eventually comes to the museum and collapses onto the floor. Although Doctor Skarab has great respect for N'Kantu's plight, he knows that a mummy is too dangerous to let live. He begins shooting the mummy, but the bullets prove just as ineffective now as they did earlier. N'Kantu comes to and rises. Skarab and the others run for safety and the mummy begins stalking the streets once again.

Police cars converge on his position and surround him. The Living Mummy fights back by pulling down a telephone pole and brandishing it as a weapon. Though immortal and superhumanly strong, the mummy cannot withstand the intense voltage from the electric lines. He collapses to the ground completely inert. Doctor Skarab approaches as officers surround the body. He warns them that the mummy is still alive and asks that he be given over to him for examination.



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