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First appearances of the Space Gem, the Mind Gem, and the Reality Gem, and the first time all six Infinity Gems were in a story together!

Deaths of Gamora, Pip, and Warlock!

"The Final Threat" Part 1 of 2. Guest-starring Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock. Script by Jim Starlin. Art by Jim Starlin (breakdowns) and Joe Rubinstein (finishes). Cover by Jim Starlin.

One of the epochal annuals of the bronze age!

A stormy night at Avengers Mansion is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Captain Marvel and Moondragon. The duo feels that the universe is in imminent danger! Their fears are confirmed moments later when Adam Warlock also arrives and delivers troubling news: Thanos has a new plan for obliterating the universe! The evil Titan sends a giant space armada to attack Earth, while he prepares to blow up the sun via his massive star gem! However, the mightiest heroes on Earth intercept the fleet and set their sights on destroying Thanos' instrument of stellar genocide! Tragically though, Warlock falls in battle vs. the mad Titan. Leaving the trio of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain Marvel as the final hope of the universe! Can the Kree warrior, thunder god, and golden avenger triumph over Thanos? Story continues in Marvel Two-in-One Annual 2.




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