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In wandering the area of Wundagore searching aimlessly for answers to a mystery from his past, Magneto comes across the home of Bova and stops for a respite. In reminiscing, Bova lets slip that she acted as midwife to a woman named Magda and that her children still lived. Magneto suddenly becomes violent and presses her for the children's names, making her realize that he's the husband that Magda had fled. Magneto uses his power over the iron in her blood to force her to reveal the names, Wanda and Pietro. Realizing what it means, he leaves immediately and all Bova can do is compel the nearly insensate Modred to cast a spell of warning for the children.


The next day, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch pay a visit to Attilan to visit their infant niece and to have the Vision's arm restored by the Inhuman's advanced medical technology. Wanda and Pietro receive Modred's warning in the form of a dream, but it still doesn't prepare them for Magneto arriving stealthily on the moon and trapping the family within Crystal's home. Magneto claims he has only come to talk, but the enmity he had sown with the former Brotherhood members and Avengers draws them into battle. Though Magneto initially holds back and tries to explain himself, the combined assaults of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and Crystal make him increasingly desperate and violent.

It's only when Crystal calls a stop to the fighting that might endanger her daughter that he gets a chance to say his piece. He reveals he is Wanda and Pietro's father and that he has recently reconsidered his stance against humanity. Learning that he now has a human grand-daughter has made it clear for him that it's time to forget his hatred. As Magneto holds baby Luna surrounded by his family, they all wonder where they go from there.



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