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Ultron's aerial attack on the Quinjet results in the capture of most of the remainder of the West Coast Avengers plus Vision and the Scarlet Witch. At the Lethal Legion's hideout, the Grim Reaper explains his plan to harvest the pure essence of Simon Williams from the minds of Wonder Man and the Vision to transplant into the zombie body he had made to look like Simon. Wonder Man is nearly caught up in his fear of mortality again, but manages to fight back once he's brought out of containment to begin the procedure. Mockingbird, the one Avenger that wasn't on the jet at the time of their capture, arrives from tracking the Quinjet's radio signal to free the others and a brawl ensues. At this point, Man-Ape and Black Talon abandon Grim Reaper, maintaining no loyalty to one who was so openly racist towards them earlier. Suddenly outnumbered, Reaper and Nekra make an attempt to split up and escape. Leaving the rest of the Avengers to deal with Goliath and Ultron, Vision and Wonder Man take off to pursue the Lethal Legion's mastermind.

On their way through an underground cavern, the two manifestations of Simon Williams have time to bond and help Wonder Man get over his fears. Wonder Man comes to understand the Vision and accept him as a brother. When they catch up to and corner Reaper over a deep crevasse, Vision confronts the raving villain with what he learned from his mother, that it was Eric that stole the money that Simon took the blame for. Reaper admits it, but Wonder Man denies it. Simon was guilty of stealing the money and ruining his own company and Eric just didn't want that spoiling the memory of his good and pure perfect brother. Realizing that if Wonder Man knows this, he must really be Simon and not an imitation, the Grim Reaper can't come to grips with how he's been trying to kill his own brother and runs, slipping into the crevasse where he disappears.

Afterwards, Goliath is captured, but Ultron and the rest of the Lethal Legion have all escaped their separate ways. As Vision leaves with his wife, he tells her how his experiences that day have got him thinking about family and asks her what she thinks about having a baby.



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