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Two months earlier, the Salem Seven had recovered their powers and overthrown Agatha Harkness, burning her at the stake to claim their status as the supreme witches of New Salem.

After their victory over the Lethal Legion, Vision and Wanda take a walk through the Rocky Mountains countryside to discuss their future, including the possibility of having children when Vision's synthezoid physiology can't reproduce with a biological human. Their conversation is interrupted when they stumble across New Salem and are ambushed by six of Salem's Seven. Vertigo knocks out Wanda while Vakume drains Vision's energy. Wanda reawakens in a hexed cage alongside her still-inert husband and Gazelle, who was chosen to be sacrificed for opposing the rest of the coven's plot to entrap the couple. Gazelle accepts her fate and refuses to help, but changes her stance on actively hindering Wanda after overhearing her pour her heart out to the Vision, who was incidentally playing possum so that Vakume wouldn't drain him completely.

The next morning, after Gazelle's sacrifice, the two remaining prisoners are tied to stakes to be prepared for their turn. Vision, recharged by the sun, takes that moment to break them free. Vertigo channels all of New Salem's magical energy to attack, but Vision's counterattack forces her to lose control of it and the mystic force goes wild, threatening to destroy the town. The Scarlet Witch steps in to channel the energy, attempting to ground it to the mountain. Just then, a spectral image of Agatha Harkness appears to Wanda, telling her not to just channel the power, but to use it. The mountain explodes with energy and things become calm once more, the town is heavily damaged and the witches have all disappeared. Wanda herself isn't sure how she used the power in the final instant, but time will tell...



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