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Collects Wolverine (1982 Limited Series) #1-4. 

Written by Chris Claremont. Art by Frank Miller and Joe Rubinstein. 

This is it, Wolverine's first solo adventure. When Logan can not get into contact with his one true love, Lady Mariko, the feral mutant heads to Japan to investigate. What he finds startles him to his very core. Mariko has been married to an abusive man at the behest of her father, Lord Shingen, Head of Clan Yashida, a powerful Japanese family with ties to the Yakuza. When Shingen attempts to murder Wolverine, Logan decides it's time to do what he does best, and what he does best isn't very pretty. Wolverine intends to bring down the crime lord but first, he'll have to get through an army of ninja. Plus, meet Yukio, the wild child of the night, but is she friend, foe, or maybe more for the Canadian X-Man. 

Softcover, 96 pages, full color. 

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