ūü핬†Our pressing and comic book restoration¬†services¬†can take your most important and valuable comic investments to the next level. Make your comic grow in value, increase in eye appeal, and most importantly preserve them for the future.¬†

ūüí• Why choose¬†TURBO COMICS Cleaning and Book Pressing?

1.  DO NO HARM - The basic rule that we strictly adhere to with every submission is the following: Do No Harm. In order to do no harm, it is important to thoroughly understand the science and needed skills behind the pressing and cleaning process of a comic book or magazine. 

2.  KNOWLEDGE - We do our best to have a thorough understanding of the physics and organic chemistry tenants needed to press, clean, and deacidify a comic book, magazine, or any other publication. Utilizing knowledge garnered from archival studies and hours of practice, we will be able to apply the right practices to positively impact the condition of comic book newsprint. 

3.  EQUIPMENT - Our presses and materials are high quality and industrial grade presses which allow us adjust the pressures and temperatures accurately.

4.  MATERIALS - We consistently utilize the safest and highest quality materials to press, clean and deacidify your comic books, magazines and other publications. Once again, these are the same materials that historical archives, libraries and museums use.

5.  OUR SERVICE - We take pride in the service that we can provide all of our customers. We want them to be proud of the job that we have done and excited about the results when they receive their books back. Each job is important to us, and we will take as much time as needed to get it right. 

ūü핬†NOTE -¬†Stay tuned for more developments here as we fine tune our program and begin to accept books for this service.¬†