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Superman and Wonder Woman embrace and kiss, but the deer in the headlights look on Wonder Woman's face makes clear that this is not what she had in mind. Realizing he's overstepped, Superman offers an awkward, stumbling apology. He admits that he's been thinking of her constantly since they first met, even sharing that he had an "intense" dream about her, and when she contacted him about a date, he'd thought she felt the same.

Wonder Woman says she has a warrior's heart, but that she also has feelings, but she is new to a man's world and still trying to figure it out.

Superman offers to start over, and she agrees, so long as he agrees to call her Diana. They fly away and talk. She tells him that he is like a god on Earth, but he denies this, explaining that he has fought hard for his humanity, especially as he is in fact an alien. At heart, he's a Kansas farm boy.

Hermes summons Wonder Woman, and she breaks off the date, having to answer his call. Superman will not be left behind though, and flies through the portal to Olympus after her.

Arriving in Olympus, Superman finds the strange dimension negates many of his abilities. Odd gravity makes flying difficult and his super vision is highly hampered. He begins to search for Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman, meanwhile, quickly finds Hermes. She asks how this has happened, and he tells her that Darkseid has invaded Olympus.

Darkseid is displeased by the arrivals. His plans had so far progressed perfectly, and he doesn't want any interference. He send images to the heroes. First, Superman encounters an amorous Wonder Woman who throws herself at him. Wonder Woman encounters an arrogant Superman. The Superman turns out to be Kalibak in disguise, while the fake Wonder Woman is actually Amazing Grace. Both villains attack the heroes once their deception fails.

As Wonder Woman begins attacking Kalibak and Superman begins hammering away at Grace, both villains lead the heroes on a chase, bringing them close to each other before vanishing. As Superman and Wonder Woman encounter each other, they attack. Darkseid is pleased that the two heroes will destroy each other as he watches the titanic struggle. Soon, though, the battle crashes into the very room in which he stands, and the heroes face him, together. Superman explains the ruse. Both he and Wonder Woman realized the trick, and quickly knew who it was they fought. Under the cover of battle, they searched for Darkseid, and they finally found him.

Darkseid is unconcerned by this, planning to kill the heroes, but first he explains how Olympus owes it's existence to the creation of Apokolips and New Genesis. How energy from that creation struck Earth and spawned the gods, he will now take that and conquer Earth. Wonder Woman points out to him, though, that he has conquered nothing. The gods are not here. Without them, this is just a place. An angered Darkseid leaves, setting explosives to destroy Olympus and the heroes, but Hermes appears and tells them not to be concerned. The explosives go off, but Olympus is untouched. As Hermes explains, it is eternal. He returns the heroes home.

Superman is awed by what he has seen. She is a princess, a god, she visits Olympus and talks to the gods. He is just a Kansas farm boy and she is way out of his league. He asks that they just be friends. Wonder Woman agrees, on the condition that he call her Diana. Superman stumbles with this, but agrees to try... if she will call him Clark. They part friends.



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