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After getting a warning from the criminal Zaryan the Conqueror stating that he predicts a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes will die, Saturn Girl is the first to find it and after reading the message she destroys it. Shortly thereafter, Saturn Girl is elected to be the official leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Shortly thereafter, Saturn Girl becomes a strict and cruel leader, "punishing" Legion members for being unable to follow her orders. As punishment she would "ground" members from the Legion and use a device that would steal their powers and give them to Saturn Girl. When the threat of Zaryan is on it's way, Saturn Girl heads out on her own to tackle Zaryan's menace by herself. However, Lightning Lad intercepts the rocket first and is blasted with a ray while he destroy Zaryan's rocket.

Fatally wounded, Lightning Lad explains to Saturn Girl, that when she found the message from Zaryan, she was unknowingly watched by Mon-El in the Phantom Zone, who told Lightning Lad of her plan to sacrifice herself so none of the other Legion members were killed. Lightning Lad, learning the truth decided to sacrifice himself so that Saturn Girl may live.

When Lightning Lad finally dies, the entire Legion gathers and has a funeral to remember to their fallen friend, Garth.



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