ALIENS - #3 (1989 - NM)

ALIENS - #3 (1989 - NM)

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Aliens (aka Aliens, vol. 2 or Aliens: Book II, collected as Aliens: Book Two, and more recently as Aliens: Nightmare Asylum) is the second comic book series based on the Alien franchise. Published by Dark Horse Comics from August 1989 - May 1990, the 4-issue limited series was written by Mark Verheiden with art and cover illustration by airbrush artist Den Beauvais and lettering by Bob Pinaha and David Jackson. It was edited by Randy Stradley.

Aliens (Series 2) is part two of a three part story arc, beginning with Aliens (Series 1) (aka Aliens, Vol. 1, Aliens: Book One or Aliens: Outbreak) and concluding in Aliens: Earth War.

The series was later edited for content and retitled Aliens: Nightmare Asylum for subsequent reprints and collected editions, which is the title the story is currently known by. It was also adapted as the novel Aliens: Nightmare Asylum, under the same title. In the Aliens comics line, Aliens (Series 2) was followed by Aliens: Earth War (June-October 1990).




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