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Dr. Light
 manages to break out of prison using a specially treated light bulb to escape into the sidereal world. The warden of the prison asks Ray Palmer to use his scientific knowledge to figure out how Dr. Light managed to escape. Ray does so, recreating the experiment with the trace chemicals still left in the bulb. Ray creates another, smaller doorway into the sidereal realm big enough for the Atom to get through.

There, he tracks Dr. Light to his hideout and is easily captured. Dr. Light puts solder into his size changing device's control and traps the Atom in a light bulb which will eventually destroy him while he goes back to Earth's dimension to cause havoc so that he can get revenge against the Justice League of America.

The Atom uses the light bulb's own filament to reheat the solder in his controls and use his size changing abilities to get free. Returning to Earth's dimension, the Atom uses the element of surprise to deactivate Dr. Light's light weapons, defeat him, and turns him back over to the authorities.

Later when the Atom meets with the Justice League of America, he begins to tell them of his battle against Dr. Light.



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