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While out trolling near international waters for crime, Batman stumbles upon an international incident: An Atlantean built satellite that can be used to detect submarines and ships at sea is collected by a whale troller and both the United States and the Soviet Union want to get a hold of it. Batman seeks out his old ally, Aquaman, to help him out. However, Aquaman seems to care little about the fate of the surface world and their "Cold War", however Batman convinces him to help out when he tells him that a foreign power could use the device to attack Atlantis as well.

Batman and Aquaman work together to recover the device, and Batman convinces Aquaman to turn it over to the United Nations. They turn it over to Baron Mannheim, who they think belongs to the UN. However, when Batman goes to the United Nations building he's informed that Mannheim is an escaped Nazi war criminal who fled into South America years ago. Realizing that he's been duped, Batman get Aquaman and the two go after Mannheim.

Tracking down Mannheim and his fellow Nazi-sympathizers, Batman and Aquaman arrive to their secret hide out where they see the group make their escape in a refurbished Nazi submarine. With the help of Aquaman's ability to summon blue whales for aid, they smash open the sub and recover the satellite. After the Nazi's are turned over to the authorities, Aquaman decides to take the satellite back to his Aquacave where no surface dweller may abuse its power.


- Additional pictures available upon request, please email with comic specific request.

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