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When Gotham City is struck by an earthquake and the aftershock threatens to destroy the city entirely, Batman investigates the source of the disaster and locates the epicenter, where the information available reveals that a big rock was recently removed from the ground and caused the incident. Furthermore, if the rock is not returned to its original place, Gotham will collapse.

Batman goes to the Justice League Satellite to investigate and learns that the responsible for removing the rock is an alien called Tri Vul. Meanwhile, Hal Jordan is summoned to Oa, where is is tasked with the arrest and apprehension of Tri Vul, who is to be judged by the Guardians of the Universe after his endangering of Gotham City.

Soon, Batman and Green Lantern find themselves in conflict as they both want to capture Tri Vul to take him to face justice on their respective worlds. Putting their differences aside, the heroes decide to work together and they go to Tri Vul's planet, where they learn that Tri Vul is a respected scientist. When the heroes finally manage to capture Tri Vul, his reaction makes Batman realize that Tri Vul is in fact innocent and he decides to go along Green Lantern to Oa to explain the truth of the situation.

Once in Oa, Tri Vul stands trial against the Guardians, but Batman informs them that Tri Vul was affected by a black moon, which combined with his alien nature, had made him develop a dark personality, who is responsible for removing the rock from underneath Gotham. Batman convinces the Guardians to let him return with Tri Vul to Earth so that he can repair the damage done before it's too late.

Green Lantern takes Batman and Tri Vul back to Earth and they recover the rock from space. As they are about to arrive, the Green Lantern Ring's battery depletes and they have to use all of their willpower to reach Gotham in time to save the city. Fortunately, the heroes make it in time before the city is destroyed by the aftershock.


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