DETECTIVE COMICS - #367 (1967 - FN)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #367 (1967 - FN)

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Finding Robin unconscious on the floor, Bruce administers first aid instead of lifting him up right away. When Robin revives, he tells Bruce that there is something stuck under him, and they carefully pull it out to reveal that it is a hand grenade that was primed to explode if Bruce had quickly picked Robin off the ground. Changing into Batman, Bruce deduces that wherever Doc Hastings is working, he would require a massive amount of electricity to carry out his experiments. He then goes to the electrical offices and checks the records of recent subscribers. Hastings' narcissism works against him when Batman picks out his alias: "Charles Steinmetz" was a reference to a brilliant electrical engineer.

Going to the address on the registry, Batman crashes in on a very surprised Doc Hastings. Although Hastings has various technological devices that he attempts to use against Batman, the Caped Crusader easily defeats him in battle and turns him over to the police. Later, back in his guise of Bruce Wayne, Batman invites Gordon, Kobler, and Tinney over to celebrate and thank Batman and Robin for saving their lives, although none of the men gathered can actually talk about it.


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