DETECTIVE COMICS - #376 (1968 - FN+)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #376 (1968 - FN+)

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Records from theĀ 20th CenturyĀ have been destroyed in the null-nuclear war of theĀ 22nd Century. People from theĀ 27th CenturyĀ do not know ifĀ BatmanĀ was a myth or a real person. A group calling themselves theĀ BatmaniacsĀ aim to prove that Batman is real, so they send one member,Ā TomasĀ back in time.

Tomas arrives in the 20th Century where he exists only as a ghost. He then watches as Batman andĀ RobinĀ helpĀ Commissioner GordonĀ solve a case. Gordon had some important evidence stolen from his car. Batman identifies the thief and tracks him down. He then recovers the evidence. During the entire adventure, Batman believes he is being watched by a ghost.

Tomas returns to his own time period with evidence that Batman was real. However, he doesn't learn that the Caped Crusader is really his ancestor.


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