DETECTIVE COMICS - #381 (1968 - VG/FN)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #381 (1968 - VG/FN)

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While investigating a smuggling ring,Ā BatmanĀ learns that the criminals behind it all are planning to murderĀ Robin. Batman sends the Boy Wonder back home from his daily patrol and the Dark Knight investigates the murder attempts without success.

Later, Batman returns to theĀ BatcaveĀ and he comes up with a plan which involves having Robin dumped in Gotham Bay with concrete blocks chained to his legs, as part of a ruse to convince the thugs that their goal was achieved. Batman's performance as Robin's killer is convincing enough and the thugs start their operations once again. Batman decide to tackle the criminals alone, but Robin manages to make it out of the water in time to assist Batman during the final confrontation at the lighthouse. In the final fight, the leader of the criminals, Mr. X is struck by an electric current and he drops from the top of the lighthouse to his death.


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