DETECTIVE COMICS - #386 (1968 - FN)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #386 (1968 - FN)

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An Indian race-car driver enters Bruce Wayne's private office at the Wayne Foundation and accuses him of backing a competitor and having his eye shot out by a sniper during his last race. Bruce manages to get the situation under control after a brief struggle with the man and he talks some sense into the racer. After thinking Wayne's arguments, the racer decides to give the situation a second thought, which gives Bruce the chance to investigate as Batman.

Going out on a new vehicle, Batman reaches the racing track and investigates the evidence on the place. His investigations lead him to the parking place of the vehicles and he takes a closer look to the vehicle of the racer he sponsored as Bruce Wayne. Batman finds the empty shell of a bullet and after listening to the real criminals behind the crime, he finds the weapon. The thugs notice Batman's presence and a fight ensues. Batman holds his ground for a few minutes, but soon he is outnumbered by the thugs.

At that moment, the indian racer arrives and helps Batman defeat the criminals responsible for his tragedy. When the leader of the thugs tries to escape on Bruce Wayne's sponsored vehicle, the racer chases him to the racing track, where he forces the thug to lose control of the car and run over a high edge, killing the thug immediately. Batman rounds up the rest of the thugs and he then talks to the indian racer, who is somehow grateful for the talk with Wayne, but feels guilty of destroying the car. Batman then promises the racer that Bruce Wayne will try to get a good word about him to the racing commission.



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