DETECTIVE COMICS - #386 (1968 - FN/VF)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #386 (1968 - FN/VF)

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Bruce Wayne is preparing for a test fly in which he is supposed to fly a new prototype plane, but he is immediately needed as Batman. For this reason, he gets going and tells Alfred to contact the regular actor they hire as stand-in for Bruce Wayne in social events. Upon arriving, the actor is given the instructions and the flight gear before he gets going to the airfield.

The stand-in for Bruce Wayne is attacked on his way to the airfield and he is killed by someone who is also impersonating Bruce Wayne. The killer arrives at the airfield and he starts flying the prototype plane before making a concealed switch with a remote control replica of the vehicle. He makes the false plane descend and the people below are shocked to learn that "Bruce Wayne" has disappeared.

Commissioner Gordon contacts Batman, who was rounding up the criminals at the National Bank and informs him of the mysterious disappearance of Bruce Wayne. Batman starts investigating the case and finds enough evidence to conclude about the stealing of the plane and its subsequent replacement with a remote controled copy. Batman then decides to investigate Bruce Wayne's car, as it has the only clue that would connect the thief to the crime. The impersonator also remembers that he left an abvious clue and goes to retrieve Wayne's pilot helmet from the car, but he is intercepted by Batman, who captures the crook and connects all the evidence to him. Finally, Batman and Gordon find the missing body of "Bruce Wayne", but Batman informs Gordon about the stand-in actor using Wayne's "illness" as a cover-up.


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