DETECTIVE COMICS - #428 (1972 - VF)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #428 (1972 - VF)

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Steve "Shotgun" Smith is known as the "toughest cop in Gotham" for his harsh methods against the Gotham pushers, but Batman suspects that he may be taking kickbacks. Commissioner Gordon fears that Smith might take his methods too far and he asks Batman to keep a close eye on the detective.

While on the lookout for Smith, Batman helps him nab a gang of drug dealers and their stash of drugs, but the next day, Bruce Wayne notices that the evidence delivered to the police was missing one of the drug packages from the dealers. Batman assumes that Smith has taken the drugs and he follows the detective closely. Finally, after a whole day of tracking the man, Batman finds that Smith is in fact dealing with big time drug dealers and he tries to stop him, but Shotgun gets the upper hand in the fight and the crooks are convinced that Shotgun is on their side.

Smith is then taken to the crook's den, where he meets the leader of the gang and after the criminal boss has told Smith all the information necessary, Smith reveals that he has been recording everything and he attempts to round up the crooks. Unfortunately, the criminals bring Shotgun's daughter, Maryanne and they stop the tough cop from arresting them. At that moment, Batman appears on the scene and helps Shotgun against the thugs. After the crooks are captured, Batman and Shotgun exchange information and they realize that both have always trusted in each other's righteousness and eventually, that proved to be the secret to their success.


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