DETECTIVE COMICS - #434 (1973 - VG)

DETECTIVE COMICS - #434 (1973 - VG)

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The criminals of Gotham City are being helped by the mysterious entity known as The Spook, who uses his apparent mystical powers to get the crooks out of prison or tight situations. After The Spook helps a criminal escape from the new maximum security prison in Gotham, Commissioner Gordon and Batman make extra efforts to find this new criminal.

However, The Spook has the advantage over the law enforcers as he has provided each of the criminals he is protecting a tracking device that allows him to locate them in any place they are located and help them when they activate the small devices. Using this technology, several crooks manage to escape from the Gotham City Police Department and from Batman, even after he has captured the crooks and has placed them inside his Batmobile.

Batman eventually deduces that The Spook is using tracking devices and he sets out to find the criminal who escaped from the maximum security prison. Batman's hunch proves right and he learns that the crooks are in fact using tracking devices. In order to confront the Spook face-to-face, Batman decides to disguise himself as the criminal and surrender himself to the authorities. Once he is locked in prison again, he activates the tracking device, hoping The Spook to come to his rescue.


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