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Captured by a mob of angry villagers in Transylvania, the Frankenstein Monster has been tied to a pyre and set ablaze. As the villagers watch the Monster burn, Dracula enters a woman's home and makes her his next victim. Her dying screams alert the villagers who go after Dracula in the hopes of destroying him as well, leaving the Monster unattended. With nobody to watch him, the Monster then uses his superior strength to break free of his bonds and escape a fiery death.

The villagers find Dracula just after he's fed upon his latest victim and attempt to destroy him, however the vampire lord manages to escape. The villagers are caught off guard when the Frankenstein Monster appears and easily beats them aside. Tempted to kill them all, the Monster grants them mercy and walks away into the darkness. Meanwhile, Dracula visits a coffin maker to find a coffin to sleep the day away in. Finding one suitable for his needs, Dracula then feeds upon the coffin maker before resting.

The Frankenstein Monster however has made it back to the cave where he originally found Dracula and finds Carmen there. Carmen reveals that she has been turned into a vampire by Dracula and bites at the Monster's throat damaging the creature's vocal chords. With no other choice, the Monster drives a stake into Carmen's heart, killing her instantly. Dracula then attacks him intent on turning the Monster into one of his vampire slaves. However, Dracula underestimates the situation and soon finds that the sun is rapidly rising. Keeping Dracula at bay with a shrewdly made cross, Dracula is too weakened to flee and begins to disintegrate in the sun. However, before this can happen, the Monster drives a stake into Dracula's chest causing him to dissolve into a skeleton.

With Dracula defeated, the Frankenstein Monster is startled when he is confronted by a man named Vincent Frankenstein.



- Additional pictures available upon request, please email with comic specific request.

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