JOKER - #7 (1975 - FN/FN+)

JOKER - #7 (1975 - FN/FN+)

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 Much as I hate to admit it, the BATMAN has taught me a few tricks... such as be prepared! Or was that the Boy Scouts? Quote2

The Joker is sprung out of Arkham Asylum by Willy the Weeper, a criminal genius who has a habit of crying uncontrollably until he sees others cry, which causes him to laugh. Weeper decided to get Joker's help to overcome his problem and use the Joker as his assistant during the robbery of a very expensive platinum from a wealthy man.

The Joker decides to double-cross Willy and teach him a lesson about trust, but the crime is eventually foiled with help from a couple of Arkham Asylum guards, Benny Khiss and Marvin Fargo, who were fired after the Joker's escape. The Joker's treachery was not enough to cure Willy, but the madman's arrest apparently cured him of his problem. That is until the Joker decides to give the police information about Willy's own criminal activities.


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