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Moon Knight returns home from a night on patrol. Samuels hands him a telegram that reads, "I'm calling the marker ~ Joshua, St. Lucien." He greets Marlene, changes to Lockley, and goes to Gena's diner. He invites his amateur detectives (Crawley, Ray, and Ricky) to go to St. Lucien with Grant. They, Gena, and Marlene take the next flight.

At the hotel, Grant tells Marlene he's going "sightseeing." She has the telegram and demands his true motive. He confesses that Joshua Mendossi, an old friend of Spector's, needs help. They go to see Mendossi, who is director of police on the island. He has several missing persons cases, and the natives suspect a voodoo priest named le ange blanc;the White Angel of Death. Even worse, the White Angel is turning these people into an army of zombies. Mendossi can't give the cases the attention they deserve because they involve the poor, he doesn't have the manpower, and his primary job is protecting the tourists. He wants Spector to do what he would like to but can't.

Marlene stays behind and asks Mendossi about Spector: "Was he ever really ruthless? A heartless killer?" Mendossi answers, "Yes and no," and tells her about an incident during a rebel uprising in South America. Government forces came upon Spector and his group in a cemetery, and Spector used a grave marker for cover. A soldier tried to catch him in a crossfire, but Mendossi shot the soldier, thus saving Spector's life. Spector promised to return the favor someday.

Spector goes to see Mendossi's sister, who tells him the same thing Mendossi did. She tells him he must leave before dark. Spector changes to Moon Knight. Down the road he finds a man in a skeleton costume herding men into a truck. His truncheon takes care of the skeleton, but the men in the truck think he's the White Angel and refuse to get out. Three more skeletons appear, but Moon Knight makes quick work of them and drags the victims out of the truck. The four skeletons get away in the truck. Spector walks back to his hotel. He complains to Marlene that he's gradually lost the extra strength that moonlight used to give him, although he calls it the "werewolf virus."

Grant gives Ricky and Ray a transmitter and asks them to pose as bait for the skeletons. Frenchie and Crawley, doing their own reconnaissance, find a poppy field on a plantation owned by Norman Vidal. A group of skeletons finds them.

Ricky and Ray encounter skeletons loading a truck with victims and sneak aboard. After an hour's ride, they emerge in a clearing, where Frenchie and Crawley hang from a tree. The White Angel (a white man) tells the new arrivals that they will become zombies and must kill the prisoners to prove their loyalty. When he prepares to give Ray an injection, Ray radios Moon Knight and manages to give a location before someone breaks the transmitter. Spector, driving in the area, realizes they're at Vidal's plantation and tells Marlene to send Mendossi.

Moon Knight glides in across the bonfire just as the new zombies charge at Ricky and Ray with spears. A skeleton exclaims, "Papa Doc! It is the real White Angel!" Vidal confesses that the "zombies" are slave labor for the poppy fields. The skeletons go after Moon Knight. Ricky and Ray try to rouse the zombies, then get loose and free Frenchie and Crawley. The police arrive.

Vidal flees to his house for guns. Moon Knight and Mendossi follow. Mendossi gets trapped behind a column in the barn, and Vidal is circling behind him to get a clear shot. One of Moon Knight's darts knocks the gun out of his hand; Mendossi turns and fires; Vidal falls against the bullet-riddled column, which breaks. The floor above, packed with bags of heroin, collapses, burying Vidal.



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