MS. MARVEL - #14 (1977 - FN)

MS. MARVEL - #14 (1977 - FN)

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While going to visit her father at his construction site, Carol has to save his life from a fatal fall as Ms. Marvel. Quickly fleeing to change back into Carol and visit her father, the visit soon becomes ugly when Joseph Danvers' sexist ideals are aired, causing Carol to storm out.

While back in New York at the Woman Magazine offices, Carol's office is burgled by a mysterious robber who assaults Frank Gianelli before fleeing. Back in Boston, Carol has a feeling she is being followed and flees as Ms. Marvel, unaware that she almost had a brush with Dracula.

Flying, Ms. Marvel has a premonition of her father being threatened by a man claiming to be the villain known as the Steeplejack. Going to her father's rescue, Ms. Marvel saves his life and quickly defeats Steeplejack, who is revealed to be Maxwell Plumm, the former employer of the original Steeplejack. Afterwards, Ms. Marvel tries to get her father to thank her, but sees that his experiences being saved by Ms. Marvel twice in one night has not changed his attitude towards women. Her mother, seeing through Carol's disguise, tells her not to judge her father too harshly.



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