MS. MARVEL - #5 (1977 - VF+)

MS. MARVEL - #5 (1977 - VF+)

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Going to visit her psychiatrist Michael Barnett, where Michael reveals that he knows that she is really Ms. Marvel. When he offers his help, she refuses and walks out. On the cab ride to the Daily Bugle, she recounts the events that led her to become Ms. Marvel and the battles she has fought since. Arriving at Stark Industries where she is writing an article about the female employees that work there, Carol suddenly changes into Ms. Marvel when she senses something wrong with a super-truck that is hauling radioactive material.

She is unaware that the driver has been replaced by a robot built by M.O.D.O.K. When she tries to stop the truck the Vision appears and tries to stop her. After a short battle, the two manage to stop the truck and learn that the driver was really a robot, and it's quickly destroyed. The two then wonder who was behind the whole situation.



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