MS. MARVEL - #6 (1977 - FN/VF)

MS. MARVEL - #6 (1977 - FN/VF)

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When the first issue of Woman Magazine turns out to be a financial success thanks in part to an article about Ms. Marvel, J. Jonah Jameson is both furious and happy about the outcome of its first issue. When he goes to tell off/congratulate Carol Danvers, she passes out from visions brought to her by her powers as Ms. Marvel.

Later, Carol changes into Ms. Marvel and is drawn to a factory where the underground dweller known as Grotesk has come to the surface to claim a Cavorite crystal. Ms. Marvel tries to stop Grotesk. However, she is easily overpowered and is lost in the burning rubble of the factory. Grotesk appears from the wreckage to those spectating the battle to boast about the destruction of Ms. Marvel. This story is continued next issue....



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