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💥 Origin and 1st appearance of Ragman.

Cover by Joe Kubert. "Origin of the Tatterdemalion," script by Bob Kanigher, pencils by Joe Kubert (layouts) and Redondo Studio, inks by Redondo Studio.

A shadowy figure hands a little girl a ball, and asks her to toss it to the man pulling up in the red convertible; The ball bounces into the convertible and explodes; The driver, Dill Dixon, dies in the explosion; The little girl lies severely injured in the street; Fleeing the scene are two hoods, who go by the names Vorst and Anders; As they cut through an alley, Vorst is spooked by a rustling sound, and fires three shots from his revolver; The two men ascend a fire escape ladder to a nearby rooftop; Behind them, stepping out from the shadows, is the Ragman, who has taken a bullet to the shoulder; Despite his injury, the Ragman pursues the two killers.

"A Rag and a Bone and a Bag of Gold" text story by E. Nelson Bridwell.




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