SOLAR, MAN OF THE ATOM - #1 (1991 - VF)

SOLAR, MAN OF THE ATOM - #1 (1991 - VF)

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Phil Seleski wakes up and he doesn't know where he is; and when he goes to his home and his job, he discovers that he is already there. What is going on and how can he do all of the amazing things that he can do in "Second Death Part One – No Place Like Home." Script by Jim Shooter and art by D. Dave Perlin & Bob Layton.

Issue also has part one of "Alpha and Omega," a 10-part origin story of Solar Man of the Atom with script by Jim Shooter and art by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton.

Each chapter of the origin story has a two-page pinup. When all 10 two-page pinups are put together, they form a gigantic page of the climax of the origin story. Cover by Barry Windsor Smith.




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