SPAWN - #1 1ST APP OF SPAWN (1992 - NM)

SPAWN - #1 1ST APP OF SPAWN (1992 - NM)

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1st appearance of Spawn (Al Simmons)

1st appearance of Malebolgia

1st appearance of Sam (Sam Burke)

1st appearance of Twitch (Max Williams)

1st appearance of Wanda Fitzgerald

"Questions!" Part 1 of 4. Created, story, and art by Todd McFarlane.

When government assassin Al Simmons is murdered, a deal with the devil brings him back to the realm of the living. But now he walks the shadows as the disfigured soldier of hell known as Spawn. Armed with unimaginable, but finite, magical abilities, Spawn is destined to play an important role in the upcoming Armageddon. But, what happens when this rebellious anti-hero decides he won't fight for either side?

Superstar artist and Image co-founder, Todd McFarlane, creates a character who has gone on to inspire a major motion picture, an HBO animated series, numerous spin-off comic series, and one of the most successful toylines of all time.

Spawn centerfold by Todd McFarlane & Ken Steacy. Pin-up of Spawn by George Perez. Pin-up of PITT by Dale Keown. Cover by McFarlane & Steacy.




- Additional pictures available upon request, please email with comic specific request.

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