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Having tracked down mobster Mr. Morgan, Spider-Man gives Morgan a warning to never send anyone after him again, and leaves before his thugs can shoot him. Switching to his street clothes, Peter finds that while initially a good idea, the vent that he stored his clothes to keep them dry happened to belong to a deli and as a result his clothes now reek of chopped liver.

Meanwhile, Flash Thompson returns to the restaurant where he previously saw Sha Shan, and sees her in a window, confirming that he really did see her. Elsewhere, compelled by some force possessing his body, Morbius returns to Earth, so that this being can experience the range of the vampires feelings. Learning of Morbius' old foe Spider-Man, it compels him to go to the Daily Bugle building to try and figure out where Spider-Man is.

There, he finds Glory Grant and kidnaps her. Witnessing this, Peter changes into Spider-Man and goes after Morbius. During their fight, Spider-Man is clipped by a truck. While at the apartment shared by Anna Watson and Aunt May, Mary Jane arrives to help them with their Grey Panthers protest. Spider-Man meanwhile is saved from being attacked by Morbius when Morbius tries to resist the Empathoid possessing him.

Deciding that he'd experience more emotions attacking Glory, the Empathoid sends the vampire after her. Spider-Man, after realizing his web-shooters have been damaged from the truck hitting him, goes after Morbius without webs. Spider-Man manages to save Glory from Morbius. When Morbius refuses to attack anymore, the Empathoid demands that Morbius attack, using its powers to the fullest to bring him pain.



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