SPECTRE - #1 (1992 - NM)

SPECTRE - #1 (1992 - NM)

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Before his brutal gangland slaying turned him into the ghostly seeker of vengeance known as the Spectre, Jim Corrigan was a tough-as-nails plainclothes cop in the blood-spattered 1930s. Catching the bad guy was his only concern, and guilt or innocence was something for the courts or God to decide! Now...the Spectre still walks the Earth. Jim Corrigan is the focus for the anger of unavenged murder victims and doesn't care if evildoers repent, only that they are punished! When he discovers that the criminal he faces in the first issue is the man who murdered Jim Corrigan fifty years earlier, the Spectre's vengeance is fearsome to behold!

Written by John Ostrander, with art and special glow-in-the-dark cover by Tom Mandrake.




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