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The Elementals have come for the Scarlet Scarab and have Zephyr and Olddan as their hostage. As Asp and the Living Mummy unsuccessfully try to free them, Alexi Skarab tries to unleash the power of the Scarlet Scarab on the Elementals. Unable to utilize it's powers or fight off the Elementals, the others are forced to retreat when the police arrive, leaving Asp behind to also become a prisoner.

The Elementals then erect a giant dome over the city of Cairo, which causes the city to soon erupt into violence as people choose sides. Skarab, believing they can find some means of getting the Scarlet Scarab to work, sends Ron McAllister out with the Mummy to get to the University of Cairo to get some ancient scrolls which might hold the key to solving the mystery.

Arriving there, they find the University under attack by Hellfire because a number of those resisting their rule had holed up there. Ron and N'Kantu watch in horror as all the dissenters are instantly killed. Going into the university, they find the scrolls they need. Upon exiting they are spotted by a survivor of the attack who is armed with a flame thrower. Fearful of the Mummy the man attacks, lighting N'Kantu on fire. Ron has nothing to beat out the flames other than the scrolls and is forced to destroy them in order to put out the flames, seriously burning his hands in the process as well.

With this avenue becoming a dead end, the two decide to return back to Professor Skarab in hopes that they can find some other way to defeat the Elementals.



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