TALES TO ASTONISH - #68 (1965 - VG/FN)

TALES TO ASTONISH - #68 (1965 - VG/FN)

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Practicing his size-changing abilities out in the country, Giant-Man is hit by an oncoming airplane causing it to crash. He quickly saves the passenger before the plane does crash, but knocks himself out when he trips and smashes into a tree. The pilot turns out to be David Cannon, also known as Giant-Man's long time foe the Human Top. Having survived the nuclear explosion in New Mexico by seeking refuge in a deep cave until the fall out subsided he was flying back to New York when he spotted Giant-Man. Considering smashing Giant-Man's head in with a boulder, he decides not, wanting to come up with a more elaborate plan to destroy his long-time foe, and so Cannon leaves Giant-Man to recover while he organizes his next plot.

Returning to his lab in the city, Giant-Man attempts to grow to 100 feet in height, however, the strain proves to be too much for him to handle. Giant-Man then reveals to the Wasp that he fears that his constant size changing is having a hazardous effect on his health and that he should stick to one height as Giant-Man: 35 Feet.

Meanwhile, the Top is sharpening his skills but soon gets fed-up with his bulky top inspired costume and designs a new one that utilizes helium to allow him to float in the air. He then begins his next plot against Giant-Man.

Giant-Man, however, is preoccupied with having his lab refitted to accommodate his 35-foot height. Afterward, Giant-Man works on his equipment while the Wasp introduces her newly trained wasp: Boopsie. They are interrupted by a call from security downstairs who tell them that there is a reporter to see them. Showing the reporter around his new lab, Giant-Man soon realizes it was all a trick and the reporter is really the Human Top, who reveals himself and attacks the two heroes.

The Top manages to best Giant-Man with his new abilities and captures the Wasp and makes an escape. Growing to giant-size, Giant-Man pursues the Wasp's kidnapper...



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