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Going to the local Apache Tribe to take part in a council meeting the Apache Kid is shocked when Wampou has decreed that the Kid is to die under orders from Poison Arrow a being who has claimed to be a messenger from the gods. The Apache Kid is subdued and is taken to a nearby mountain to be attacked and killed by the vengeful eagles that live there, swearing on his life that he will not leave there.

The Apache Kid complies at least partially, changing into his alter ego of Aloysius Kare in order to slip away so he can confront Poison Arrow and learn if the claims that he is a messenger of the gods are true or not. When he runs into Wampou, Aloysius tells him that the Apache Kid has been killed by the eagles. When Wampou leaves, Kare follows him to his rendezvous with Poison Arrow. However, Poison Arrow has spotted Aloysius following after Wampou and attacks both of them with poisoned arrows. When Wampou is struck with one of the arrows, Kare saves his life and sends him off on Nightwind to get medical treatment.

Getting under cover, Kare changes back into the Apache Kid and confronts Poison Arrow. The two fight it out hand to hand with the Apache Kid the victor. However with the approach of the Apaches with Wampu, Poison Arrow points out that when they see the Apache Kid there he will be killed for betraying his promise to stay on the mountain. The Kid runs away just as Wampu and the others arrive and Poison Arrow tells them about Apache Kid's betrayal and convinces them to follow him on a hunt for the Apache Kid. They follow his trail finding Aloysius Kare instead who tells Poison Arrow that he will have to fight him in order to get to the Apache Kid.

Poison Arrow fires one of his poisoned arrows at Kare, who easily shoots it out of the air then throws Poison Arrow off his horse. Ironically, Poison Arrow lands on his own poisoned weapon and facing imminent death reveals that he is fraud and that he wanted to remove Apache Kid as he was the only person who stood in his way to taking over the tribe and going to war against the white settlers in the area. Kare leaves and returns as the Apache Kid who is welcomed back by his people and Wampu apologizes having realizing the errors of his ways.



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