WORLD'S FINEST - #135 (1963 - FN+)

WORLD'S FINEST - #135 (1963 - FN+)

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Aquaman and Aqualad come upon a band of four green-skinned aliens wearing strange metallic headbands that give them power to project bolts of electrically-based force. The aliens are looting a warehouse, but when the two heroes send whales to block their exit, the outworlders blast the whales aside and are about to do the same to Aquaman when Lador, one of their number, parries their blasts with his own. Lador and Aquaman are taken prisoner by the other aliens and imprisoned in a "cage" of electricity, after Lador's headband is removed. Lador tells Aquaman that he is from a parallel dimension, inventor of a warp-machine that allows them entry into Aquaman's world.

The alien criminals tricked him into crossing over to Earth to gain elements that would perfect the headbands. When this was done, they declared their intention to loot the Earth. Aqualad diverts the alien crooks' attention with an assault of sea creatures, then dons Lador's discarded headband and frees Aquaman and Lador. After some trickery, Aquaman, Aqualad, and Lador strip the villains of their headbands and capture them. Lador destroys the headbands, and tells Aquaman and Aqualad he will take the villains back to his world.



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